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ShapeShuffle, shapeshifter solver, has been tested with Windows XP and Windows 7.

ShapeShuffle for neopets shapeshifter game is not a hack. It's a puzzle calculator. It does not send in bogus scores. It just helps you solve the puzzles, fast!

Screen Shot


For many Windows computers, there is nothing to install. Just run the ShapeShuffle.exe file.

ShapeShuffle will write the answer to the screen and also to a text file in the folder from where it is running for viewing later.

Windows 7 users may have to "run as administrator" to allow the resulting text file to be created.

The exempt square box is for the higher levels... If your puzzle has 1 or 2 or even 3 single square shapes (one square all by it's self), then don't enter them into the program. Just change the exempt square 0 to how ever many the puzzle has. The answer will show where they go on the grid by printing a 1 instead of 0 (goal) on the answer grid.

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Download ShapeShuffle 3.0

Or, if ShapeShuffle exe won't run on your Windows then just do a full install with the file below.

Download ShapeShuffle 3.0 Installer (1.4 mb)

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